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WebP_011: Adapting smart-tag icons for WebPublisher and EPS

The smart tag icons which are visible in EPS and WebPublisher can be adapted in the following way:


The icons are loaded from a special vss File that can be found in the following directories:

WebPublisher: C:\Program Files (x86)\process4biz\Extensions\Publisher Server\generate\publish.vss

EPS: C:\Program Files (x86)\process4biz\Modeler\resources\common\eps\eps-publish.vss

Attention: read the following Information

All stencils have to be one grouped object, which has the following geometrical properties:


Also pay attention to the order of the stencils, the order is used to resolve the icon, the first matching icon will be visible:


Therefore the more general matching icons should be placed to the end of the list.