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WebP_018: Creating the SVG file for the diagram fails


SVGs cannot be created during the publication with WebPublisher{.unresolved}, log displays the following:

14/10/2014 12:28:24 | - Exporting SVG file …

14/10/2014 12:30:46 | Remote procedure call failed.


  1. Open the relevant diagram in
  2. Save the diagram via the Visio function Save as… local as *.xml file
  3. Close incl. Visio
  4. Open the *.xml diagram in Visio and store it via Save as… as *.vsdx file
  5. Optional: open the saved *vsdx file and check the SVG export via Save as…
  6. Replace the corrupt diagram with the repaired *.vsdx- file 
    in the diagram folder, as indicated in DbConfig{.unresolved} or the database settings; if necessary, diagrams should have been previously checked out of the database (s. database settings{.unresolved}))

After carrying out these steps, you should be able to create the SVG for the diagram again.

If the error appears in other diagrams, follow the exact same steps.