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This extension module provides all the necessary functions to publish easily and adaptably on the web the model you created with

For the creation of a web portal, an available (IIS or Apache) is necessary; the WebPublisher includes the automatic installation and configuration of IIS. The WebPublisher uses ASP (or PHP) by default as the script language for web publication. For the installation and configuration of PHP, contact the helpdesk, if necessary. You can make your content available of course as a simple HTML publication; in this case, no IIS is necessary.

We recommend at least the browser IE8 (with necessary Adobe SVG Viewer plug-in), or better IE9, which already has a native SVG viewer for optimal viewing of the models on the Web. If you are using IE8 or IE9, we recommend that you disable the compatibility mode. Since version 5.3.1, the web portal is viewable not only  in Internet Explorer, but also in other browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and Safari. Please note that different browsers need different settings and could therefore block some links.

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