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After a successful login in a database, the repository is opened by default and the menu appears in the Visio menu. The options available in this menu for each logged-in user and their relevant functions are controlled via the privileges and are usually only fully available to administrators.


The working environment (standard view after admin login in a database)

Workspace Components


Login / Logout

See: Login / Logout

Structural Elements and Data


The repository is used for filling the structure previously created with the Database Designer. Here, the objects and diagrams created by you are stored and managed.

Database Designer

The Database Designer provides the interface for managing the basic structure of your database and is used to organise your data. Here classes and properties and property groups are managed or links defined.

The link matrix displays all object links existing in the database including possible existing association objects. All of these elements (objects, object links, association objects) can be edited in the matrix.

See: Link Matrix

Class Matrix

The class matrix provides a view with the link types and link technologies that can be defined for each class combination and be filtered and edited in the matrix according to units and classes.

See: Class Matrix


See: Tags


The functions grouped under this point enable you to open and edit diagrams in the Graphical Visio Modeler. In addition, the import of diagrams as well as the wizard for updating diagrams are available.

Graphical Visio Modeler

With the Graphical Visio Modeler, you model diagrams using the known functions and user interface of Visio.

See: Graphical Visio Modeler

Tools and Reports

This area includes the extension modules.


See: Menus & Settings


Information about the currently installed version of and contact with Helpdesk.

License Activation

See: Activation or Prolongation of Your License

Status Bar

At the bottom of the Visio window, the status bar appears. Here you will find information about the currently used client release (incl. Build number) and the currently connected database; the status bar includes also the number of users logged in as well as the name of the user logged in this Visio instance. If you right-click on the number of logged-in users, more information about the logged in users is displayed.