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WR_001: Report without renumbering of objects & diagrams


You want to create a Word Report, without renumbering objects and diagrams. In this case you may use a self defined template.


  1. In Word, open the file that you can find in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\process4biz\Extensions\process4.WordReporter\. Choose “Styles and formatting” in menu.
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  2. In the window that appears you can define your own style for lists in the Word document. Put the cursor on a free place in the document (it is also better to click “enter” to create a new paragraph). Now you can choose your own style for each heading. In a Word Report document, the following headings are used:

    • Style Heading 1 for “Summary”
    • Heading 1 for the name of units and “Index of contents”
    • Heading 2 for the name of diagram types
    • Heading 3 for the names of diagrams
    • Heading 4 for the names of objects.
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  3. Choose the heading that you want to change and change it in the following way. To change from numbering to bulleted style:

    • click the heading,
    • click the bullets from the panel
      (you can select the bulleted style, by clicking “Format/Bullets and Numbering” and then select the desired style)
    • choose for heading “Update…”
      After all the changes, your list looks like this:
  4. Delete all paragraphs that you have created in Word template and that are no longer needed.
  5. Save this template as a new document template. Select this template during the creation of a new Word report.

. Select this template during the creation of a new Word report.